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AURE: Psychology,
Counselling & Therapy

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My name is Lemuel Tan. I am the Principal Psychologist, director and founder of AURE: Psychology, Counselling & Therapy. I would like to warmly welcome you here.

AURE is a psychology service based in the Ellenbrook and The Vines regions, Western Australia. AURE currently offers psychology consultations, clinical assessments, psychotherapy (individuals, children, youth, couples and groups) and clinical supervision. Services are currently being provided by the founder, Lemuel Tan, and offered via a face to face or video conference format.

Accessing therapy is a huge step in pursuing change and it may evoke a variety of strong and possible unknown emotions. I hope that at AURE you will experience a safe, authentic, professional and supported journey in your healing and recovery.

Warmest Regards,




Currently providing psychology assessments in the area of autism, ADHD, independent reports for court, return to work and job applications/recruitment.

Individual Therapy is a collaborative process between the clinician and the individual to achieve agreed goals. Sessions can be held face to face or via video conference (Zoom).

Currently providing clinical supervision to psychologist under the "5+1 pathway" & "peer supervision". Lemuel is a Board-approved supervisor in the Psychology Board of Australia.


About AURE

There was a lot of thought put into deciding the name of the service. AURE was chosen as it sounds phonetically similar to “Awr” or “Ohr” (pronounced as “ore”) meaning "light" in Hebrew. However, its true meaning lies somewhere in the describing of illumination or a separation/ordering between light and darkness. The root word of AR can be translated as “to order", "to gather" or "to organise”. It can also be described as a box, which is a tool to organise and create order.


AURE in our narrative is not a river in France, a village in Norway nor a French breed of cattle (Aure et Saint-Girons). AURE in our colloquial,

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hopes to bring you an engagement of recovery – lighting up the darkness, giving hope in our chaotic lives, and to organise and further deepen our understanding of who we are as humans and our relationships.

Partners & Collaborators

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